A passenger jet takes off from San Diego International Airport. Photo by Chris Stone

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Thursday will celebrate the renovation of the 3,000th residence in its Quieter Home Program, which offers new doors and windows in an effort to lessen noise under airplane flight paths.

The 14-year-old Quieter Home Program, which offers the service for free, grew out of a test program that began in Point Loma in 1998. Residents of the neighborhood had complained about noise because their homes sit under the normal takeoff route from Lindbergh Field’s sole runway.

The program expanded to areas like Ocean Beach, Golden Hill and Bankers Hill, the area just north of downtown San Diego where the milestone home is located. The Golden Hill and Bankers Hill are under the landing pattern.

According to the airport, the Federal Aviation Administration determined that houses and condominiums within an area around the airport that receives at least 65 decibels of aircraft noise may be eligible for sound insulation treatments. The FAA set a goal of reducing interior noise levels for eligible residents by at least five decibels inside the home, providing a noticeable reduction in noise.

The program, which also offers ventilation systems, is the largest of its kind in the U.S.

Results may vary depending upon the existing construction of the home.

—City News Service

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