Gas pump. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
Gas pump. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.

The source of gas price forecasts in San Diego for 15 years announced that Thursday’s outlook was his last.

Charles Langley said that since his parting with the Utility Consumers Action Network in 2013, he’s been funding the forecasts on his own — but cannot continue any longer.

“Since that time, I have sustained the Gas Project out of my own pocket. I am no longer able to do so,” Langley said. “It is my hope that somehow, someone will be able to pick up the torch and carry it.”

Langley’s resignation from UCAN and allegations of corruption against its then-executive director, who denied wrongdoing, almost caused the consumer group to fold.

“California needs an independent voice that is willing to be critical of the oil industry,” Langley said. “Unfortunately, there are no other voices I know of at this time that do not rely on the oil industry for money.”

In his final forecast, Langley said local gas prices would remain relatively flat through the weekend.

Bob Hansen, the NBC7/39 personality who uses Langley as his source for gas price forecasts on Mondays and Thursdays, on the air called him “a real advocate for gas prices in San Diego.”

Langley has most recently been doing media relations work for ex-City Attorney Mike Aguirre, who has challenged a proposed settlement regarding the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

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