A woman snaps a photo of The Old Globe Christmas tree. Photo by Chris Stone
A woman snaps a photo of decorations at the Old Globe Theatre. Photo by Chris Stone

A La Jolla real estate firm has answered that most modern of holiday questions – what’s the most Instagram friendly holiday decoration?

Using hashtags to determine popularity for indoor decor, RubyHome found that the Instagram fave is … #christmastree!

That hashtag appeared on had 29.6 million posts, more than four times the number of the runner-up.

The second most Instagrammable decoration, with 7.1 million hashtags, was #christmaslights, with #christmastreeornaments coming in third, with 1.8 million hashtags.

The final hashtag to be used more than a million times was #christmaswreath, on 1.2 million posts.

The RubyHome study analyzed Instagram posts for a wide array of holiday decorations. The team culled through more than 42 million posts to determine the top 10.

Rounding out the top hashtags:

  • #poinsettia, 598,520
  • #christmasstockings, 385,921
  • #christmascandles, 312,967
  • #nativityscene, 238,244
  • #menorah, 221,828