A 10-foot bronze statue dubbed Rincon Rabbit Hunters which depicts a Luiseño man and child hunting rabbits with a traditional throwing stick was designed by renowned artist George Rivera. Photo courtesy Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

Get your native art on at Harrah’s Resort Southern California which has collaborated with the Rincon Tribe, revealing its newest art installation — a 10-foot bronze statue dubbed Rincon Rabbit Hunters which depicts a Luiseño man and child hunting rabbits with a traditional throwing stick. 

The statue was designed by renowned artist George Rivera who has been sculpting and teaching art for more than 20 years. He created the sculpture to honor the Tribe’s rich history of traditional hunting practices and incorporated a Rabbit Stick — a curved club that resembles a boomerang — to depict a tool that was frequently used to hunt a variety of small game. 

“After meeting with the committee and taking a deep dive through photos and resources that tie back to their heritage, I wanted to showcase the father-son relationship of educating the son on hunting practices within the tribe,” Riveria said. “You’ll see how both individuals are in peak fitness, wearing the traditional sandals and garments to allude to clothing worn during this period, and most importantly, symbolizing the integral relationship between a family.”

The sculpture pays tribute to the significance of passing down cultural knowledge from one generation to the next, embodying a core value in the Rincon community. 

“We are pleased to unveil this installment of Native American artwork that will be displayed at Harrah’s Resort Southern California,” said Bo Mazzetti, chairman of the Rincon Tribe. “Rincon Rabbit Hunters tells the story of our ancestors, hunting food for the Tribe and using pelts for clothing to stay warm. Today, we are proud to celebrate our past, bringing our heritage to life through this beautiful piece of work.”

A longtime advocate of the arts, Harrah’s Resort Southern California is home to an impressive collection of Native American artwork of various mediums from the San Diego area. Rincon Rabbit Hunters join an awe-inspiring showcase of Native American pieces such as the Making Wiiwish sculpture, the Milky Way Woman bronze statue, and more, reflecting the property’s continued investment towards supporting the arts. Harrah’s Resort SoCal has dedicated more than $600,000 to the initiative, which honors the resort’s long-standing relationship with the Rincon Tribe.

“It’s a privilege to introduce the latest addition to our curated collection of Native American artwork, Rincon Rabbit Hunters by George Rivera,” said Jill Barrett, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s Resort Southern California. “We are honored to showcase this incredible work of art that represents the storied cultural history of the RINCON TRIBE. This is our seventh planned art installation at Harrah’s Resort Southern California and we are delighted to bring the rich history of the Tribe to life for our resort guests.” 

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