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Emmet’s Super Suite, at Legoland California Resort, which opened The Lego Movie World Thursday. Photo credit: Screen shot,

Streamers filled the air, sparklers burst in the sky and entertainers packed the stage as Legoland California Resort in Carlsbad opened The Lego Movie World Thursday.

The new area, which includes three new rides and three new attractions, is based on the films “The Lego Movie” and “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.”

Resort President Kurt Stocks and two junior resort ambassadors officially welcomed guests to the new section, which is designed to immerse guests in the Lego movie universe, walking the streets of Bricksburg.

“We are so proud of this land because families aren’t just stepping into another brilliant, Lego-filled world, but also into a popular world based on the huge film franchise that kids and parents love,” Stocks said. “The Lego Movie World truly has something for everyone, and we are excited to welcome more guests to experience this new land which takes them from theater to theme park.”

Lego Movie World, the largest addition in the park’s history, features interactive attractions, including Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride. on which kids and families hop aboard a triple-decker flying couch.

Surrounded by a full-dome virtual screen, guests feel the sensation of flying above memorable places in the films, including Middle Zealand, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Pirates Cove and the Sistar System.

Peter van Roden, vice president of global themed entertainment for Warner Bros, said “we are proud to be extending our reach into another family friendly experience.”

In addition to Emmet’s Flying Adventure, kids and families can feel the rush of falling from Unikitty’s Disco Drop. The new ride launches guests to the top of Cloud Cuckoo Land, then drops, spins and bounces them back to earth.

Guests also can explore Benny’s Playship, ride Queen Watevra’s Carousel, meet Emmet and his friends in Emmet’s Super Suite and taste themed treats such as Cloud Cuckoo Crepes, Benny’s Rocket Fuel and Everything is Ramen.

Entry to the new area is included in the price of admission to the resort.

Guests can purchase tickets and reserve their spot through the resort’s online system. Tickets start at $90.

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