A placard marks the future home of the Comic-Con Museum at the Hall of Champions on Balboa Park. Photo by Luis Monteagudo Jr.

The Comic-Con Museum accepted a $100,000 donation from the Roddenberry Foundation that will go toward supporting the 2021 opening of the museum’s physical space in San Diego’s Balboa Park.

The foundation’s namesake Gene Roddenberry was the creator of “Star Trek,” and the non-profit foundation supports his legacy through initiatives that encourage innovative approaches to create a more inclusive, progressive, and harmonious society. The donation also coincides with the year of the late Gene Roddenberry’s centennial, or 100th birthday. 

“We are incredibly honored to have received this commitment from The Roddenberry Foundation as it affirms our direction in creating innovative spaces that foster and celebrate creativity through comics and popular art forms,” said Melissa Peterman, VP of development for the Comic-Con Museum. “One of the exciting things about comics and popular arts is their ability to reflect and recognize many voices of our diverse society and that is something that was so important to Gene Roddenberry. We are thrilled that this funding allows us to honor Gene’s vision which aligns so well with our own mission.”

The main lobby of the museum will be named after the Roddenberry Foundation in recognition of it donation. The donation is the latest of a series of contributions the Comic-Con Museum is attracting from those who see the development of the Museum as a much-needed participatory and experiential space that connects people to comics and popular art forms. 

The Museum, which is designed to activate the celebratory spirit of the Comic-Con experience all year round, has surpassed the half-way mark of its $34 million funding goal. Funding levels of all ranges, including incorporation as part of the Donor Wall, are available to support its 2021 opening date. Learn more about donation opportunities.

The Foundation has planned a year filled with initiatives celebrating Gene Roddenberry’s legacy and supporting a permanent museum that celebrates pop culture and the creative nature of the human spirit is seen as a fitting way to honor the legacy of Gene Roddenberry and all those who #ThinkTrek in 2021.

“The Roddenberry Foundation is very pleased to support the development of the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego. The Comic-Con Museum’s commitment to offering innovative programs that encourage access and inclusivity through the work of remarkable artists and creators aligns strongly with that of the vision of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and the Roddenberry Foundation,” Rod Roddenberry said.

The Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park will offer programming day and night as well as rotating exhibits and venues to celebrate and promote various forms of popular art.

The museum is moving forward with a multi-year renovation project and renovations will begin with the creation of the Education Center with learning-focused labs, classes and seminars.

The museum will feature 25,000 square feet of space for rotating exhibits, including a 4K video theater and presentation space; a year-round schedule of programs and experiences such as panels; creator meet-and-greets, experiential cinema, watch parties, eSports, cosplay shows, concerts and more. 

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