The USS Midway Museum with the San Diego skyline in the background.

The USS Midway Museum will reopen to the general public on Monday, Feb. 1, following clearance received from California and San Diego County officials.  Temporarily closed since Dec. 6, 2020 (for the second time), the museum will again adhere to all required health and safety protocols to protect guests, employees and volunteers.

“We are excited to once again reopen the Midway to the visiting public,” said Mac McLaughlin, president and CEO of the USS Midway Museum.  “As we did when the museum was opened for several months last year, we will ensure that our guests have the safest experience possible through our extensive health and safety protocols.”

Visitors can again experience the legacy of the USS Midway, see firsthand the museum’s extensive collection of naval aircraft and be captivated by the ship’s award-winning audio tour. World famous Midway volunteers will bring the flight deck alive with mesmerizing accounts of launching and landing naval aircraft as well as stories of their adventures on the high seas.

In order to manage guest capacity, the Midway will use an online timed-ticketing system.  Tickets must be purchased in advance on the museum’s website.  Guests will choose a specific day and time slot to visit the ship. 

To ensure guest safety, the Midway has incorporated a significant number of other protocols and guidelines outlined by local and state health officials, to include:

  • Personal Protection – All guests and staff must wear appropriate face coverings while onboard the Midway.
  • Temperature Checks – Touchless, non-evasive temperature checks will be conducted on guests and staff prior to entry.
  • Physical Distancing – Guests will be reminded to maintain six-foot physical distancing through ‘Check Your 6’ signage and floor markers, along with monitoring by museum staff.  To also assist with facilitating physical distancing, a unidirectional tour route has been established for the hangar deck and flight deck. Staff will monitor and assist with guest flow.
  • Hygiene – Nearly 200 hand-sanitizer stations are placed round the museum, along with an increase number of sanitizing-wipe dispenser locations. Hygiene signage are present throughout the ship.
  • Cleaning – Dedicated museum cleaning staff will focus on constant cleaning of all high-touch locations and surfaces throughout the museum.
  • Transmission Barriers – Plexi-barriers have been placed between urinals in the men’ restrooms and between sinks in both men’s and women’s restrooms.  Plex-barrier are also installed at all point-of-sales locations.  All plex-barriers will be constantly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Contactless Payment – Credit card payment at all point-of-sales locations.
  • Gift Shop – The Midway’s gift shop configuration allows for physical distancing and is monitored by staff.
  • Limited Experiences – The museum will initially focus the onboard guest experience to the flight deck and hangar deck upon reopening to maximize the health and safety of Midway visitors.

The onboard experience and expectations will be widely communicated to all guests through the information available on the Midway’s website as well as through extensive signage at the museum and on the pier.

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