Supermarket Sweep
“Supermarket Sweep” host Leslie Jones. Courtesy ABC/Eric McCandless

ABC announced a buyer for a large grocery store chain who lives in San Diego will be among the contestants on Sunday night’s episode of “Supermarket Sweep,” which will air at 8 p.m. on the network.

Elizabeth “EZ” Tan and teammate Angelique Munoz will compete on the Halloween episode of the game show hosted by former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Leslie Jones. Munoz is a Bellingham, Washington resident who is also a buyer for the chain.

“A friend at work applied for my friend Angelique and I because she thought our crazy humor, competitiveness and passion for all things grocery-related would make for good TV. She was not wrong,” Tan said.

Tan and Munoz “did a number of Zoom calls with casting directors and producers selling our awesome selves and playing grocery-themed games to show them that we got what it takes,” Tan said.

“There were hundreds of other teams trying to get on the show and luckily they chose us,” Tan said.

On the show, two-player teams race around what ABC described as a “whimsical grocery store” built for the series at The Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Air Center, hoping to get the highest cart total value so they can play for $100,000.

“Supermarket Sweep” begins with the “Mini Sweep” in which, upon solving a riddle, a player selected from each team runs through the supermarket to find a correlating product. The first person to grab the specially marked item wins some extra time and cash for the “Big Sweep.”

Three mini-games follow, testing contestants’ knowledge of a variety of grocery items.

The next round is the “Big Sweep” where one player from each team races through the aisles trying to grab as many high-priced items as he or she can, seeking the biggest total to be able to advance to the “Super Sweep.”

Contestants can take a maximum of three of any item in the store except for items over $100, where there is a limit of one.

In the “Super Sweep” a team races against the clock to find five designated products that will earn them $100,000.

Each “Supermarket Sweep” episode honors a grocery store employee who has been on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Sunday’s “Employee of the Week” is Betty Henry, who works at a supermarket in Miami Beach, Florida.

Ninety-five pallets of perishable and non-perishable food used on “Supermarket Sweep” were donated to Los Angeles-area charities including the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Los Angeles Mission and Downtown Women’s Shelter.

The majority of the show’s meats went to the Rancho Wildlife Foundation which operates a wildlife sanctuary in Silverado, an unincorporated area located in the Santa Ana Mountains in eastern Orange County.

A large assortment of the show’s pet food and pet supplies were donated to the Toluca Lake-based pet adoption service, The Rescue Train.

Sunday’s episode can be viewed on demand and on Hulu beginning Monday.

— City News Service