Casa Familiar. Courtesy photo

Casa Familiar, The Front Arte Cultura in San Ysidro, and The Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Tijuana recently announced a bi-national exhibition titled “Walls – Cross Border Urban Art / Muros – Arte Urbano Interfronterizo.”

The exhibition, which runs through the end of September, brings together artists from both sides of the border to unveil art in and outside galleries.

Seven murals have been completed on both sides of the border, and a documentary of the artists’ work is planned.

“The San Diego-Tijuana region is internationally recognized for its unique border dynamics,” according to the exhibition notes. “Artists have reflected the complex reality in their works, which are often embodied in urban spaces: alleys, businesses, building walls, trucks, just to mention a few,  thus sharing a testimonial with their community.”

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A muralist creates art in Tijuana. Courtesy photo