Art of Elan performers. Courtesy photo

Art of Elan this week its 2020-2021 season will feature “Transformations,” featuring a variety of musicians and dancers performing in empty museum galleries.

The theme is reflective of current times as art organizations are “to cease a majority of their programming,” the organization said.

“We can easily observe transformation in our day-to-day lives, but larger shifts are also happening all the time, even without our awareness, and this is where we can have a real impact as artists,” executive and artistic director Kate Hatmaker said. “Transformations is a season-long journey of discovery —— one that offers opportunity for real growth.”

The nonprofit will host a variety of concerts throughout the year, including “musicial migrations” through neighborhoods.

“Our desire to build community through music has never felt more important than it does right now,” Hatmaker said. “We will continue to innovate and embrace the diversity that has made San Diego such a vibrant cultural ecosystem.”

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