No Service Band. Courtesy photo

After six years of hard work, the popular North County band, No Service Band, had finally completed its extended play album. Then, COVID-19 made its way to California — shutting down every non-essential business and forcing residents to stay home.

Now, David Castro, founder of No Service Band, said he’s counting down the days until he’s reunited with his fellow musicians and live audiences.

“As a musician, I really miss jamming with the band,” said Castro, a history teacher who began playing music just six years ago. “We were on the cusp of breaking new ground and then COVID hit. Professionally, we were really starting to gel and now we are in stand- by mode.”

Just two years ago, No Service Band was rated the “No. 1 Indie Band in North San Diego County” by ReverbNation. They played roughly 15 to 20 shows a year and had planned to perform again at the annual San Diego County Fair.

“This is hitting the live music world hard,” said Castro, a longtime San Diego County resident and father of two. “Performing live shows is the best. I miss it so much — the energy and the fun. Hopefully, we can perform again soon.”

The songwriter said he’s hopeful most musicians will make their way through the pandemic, including his own band.

“Right now, we are really focused on trying to get our music out to the public,” Castro said. “We have over 30 songs so we will have plenty of material when the time comes.”

Until No Service Band can perform live again, they hope fans will listen to their new music.

“The band has been through a lot of trials and tribulations, but we persevered and created music we are proud of,” Castro said.

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