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The city of San Diego’s Poet Laureate Ron Salisbury is inviting the public to creatively express themselves through poetry.

With the support of the city of San Diego’s Commission for Arts and Culture, residents can submit original work based on writing prompts posted on the San Diego Poetry Together webpage. Project organizers hope to “engage the public through the literary arts and use poetry as an outlet to creatively express and share their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“This is a difficult time for many and the literary arts often give us a way to express what we may not be able to clearly articulate when interacting with others,” Salisbury said. “In this case, we are encouraging everyone to use the written word to share their experiences.”

Participants can submit written and spoken word entries. Salisbury will select several poems that will be shared publicly and posted to the webpage.

Deadlines and participation guidelines are available at

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