San Diego State University professor Eva Struble’s mural at the airport. Photo by Pablo Mason

Visitors to San Diego International Airport may notice a vibrant artistic addition to the city’s scenic airfield by the bay.

Travelers can drive along a giant mural by Eva Struble, associate professor of painting and printmaking at San Diego State University.

Stretching 144 feet along a well-traveled road, the six-foot-high mural is a combination of Struble’s previous works with an added digital component. The piece, printed on vinyl and attached to aluminum sheeting, incorporates scenes of endangered local plants and animals.

“The project taught me a different type of ideation” said Struble. “I needed to imagine the project from a moving vehicle, from a plane taxiing in the distance, and also on a human scale.”

The art installation is located on Admiral Boland Way, between Sassafras and Palm Streets.

“We’re thrilled that Eva Struble’s vibrant mural will enliven a busy corridor on the airport campus, one that’s passed by hundreds of travelers each day,” said Lauren Lockhart, airport arts program manager. “Since the mural site will turn over annually, this new public art project presents an exciting opportunity for multiple regional artists to have their work showcased.”

The mural is a part of the airport’s Temporary Exhibition Program. It will remain on display until January 2019.

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.