San Diego Opera general director, along with councilmen Chris Cate and Scott Sherman, announced an essay contest where San Diego students can win an annual subscription to the opera. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Opera

An essay contest in which students can win season subscriptions to the San Diego Opera was announced Thursday by Councilmen Scott Sherman and Chris Cate, as well as opera general director David Bennett.

Two subscriptions to the 2016 season will be available per City Council district, for a total of 18. Among other things, the opera lineup includes “Madama Butterfly” and the West Coast premiere of “Great Scott.”

“It’s important that these students see that opera is alive and well here in San Diego, because these students are the audiences of tomorrow, as well as the arts leaders and civic leaders of tomorrow,” Bennett said.

He said the contest, “My Voice in the Arts,” is open to all students in the city of San Diego in grades 6-12.

“What the program does, is it asks students to reflect on a moment when the arts affected them personally, and write their reflections about the experience,” Bennett said.

The 250- to 300-word essays will be accepted through Dec. 16, and will be reviewed by a panel of arts educators and leaders, and City Council office representatives.

The program is funded by contributions from the offices of Sherman, Cate and fellow council members Todd Gloria and Lorie Zapf.

Details are online at

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