KUSI weatherman Dave Scott will read from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address as part of the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra concerts April 6 and 8.

“Many may know Dave Scott as a fine trombonist, composer and singer,” says David Amos, writing in San Diego Jewish World.

Dave Scott of KUSI. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

“[Scott] writes in the popular style, and his rich baritone voice is a pleasure to hear. On this program, however, he will only narrate the inaugural address, while the orchestra will provide the background and spirit of the text.”

Amos, who conducts the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra, says that in rehearsals, Scott “has shown a rich flair for drama, and has brought out of the text some of Lincoln’s finest, most sensitive words, with relevance and depth.”

Other works include the seven-minute “Dance Rhythms, a catchy and complex piece which is entertaining, off-beat, and is certain to keep your attention. It certainly kept ours, while we were rehearsing it!”

“The Incredible Flutist Suite” is taken from a ballet that depicts a circus coming into a small American town, Amos writes.

“From the hushed beginning to the various dances of the circus’ participants, we reach the moment when the parade starts and circus marches into town. At this point, you will see orchestral musicians behaving in a manner you have never seen before!”

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