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A previous open house for the city’s ocean monitoring program. Courtesy City of San Diego

The city Public Utilities Department will hold an open house Sunday to showcase its Ocean Monitoring Program.

The program gathers seawater and other types of samples from as far as 10 miles from shore and as deep as 1,640 feet, covering approximately 340-square miles from northern San Diego to northern Baja.

The samples are collected some 200 days each year along the city’s beaches or from the city’s two ocean monitoring vessels, the Oceanus and the Monitor III.

Scientist who work on the program will discuss their work and provide hands-on demonstrations on the equipment they use.

The program aims to ensure the protection of marine environments, document changes in the environments over time, determine water quality and monitor sewage discharge.

The open house takes place at the Environmental Monitoring and Technical Services Division Laboratory at 2392 Kincaid Road near Lindbergh Field.

City News Service contributed to this article.

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