Scripps Research Institute. Photo courtesy of the Scripps Research Institute

The Scripps Research Institute ranked first in the world in research quality and commercialization of new products, while nearby UC San Diego was 14th, according to the journal Nature.

The publication’s Nature Index connects scholarly papers from research institutions with the patents that cite them. First launched three years ago, the Nature Index database tracks author affiliations of articles published in a group of 68 natural science journals selected by panels of active scientists.

The Nature Index noted numerous TSRI collaborations, with institutions like UCSD and the National Institutions of Health, and businesses such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Novartis International.

Meanwhile, UCSD had 776 articles tracked by the Nature Index between April 1 last year and March 31 this year. The most prominent were a February paper on seven temperate planets orbiting an “ultracool” dwarf star and an October study on the association of online social integration and mortality.

“It is an honor to be recognized for our commitment to producing world- class research, designed to enhance the lives of millions around the globe,” said Chancellor Pradeep Khosla.

“At UC San Diego, we constantly push boundaries when transferring knowledge into industry,” Khosla said. “Our nontraditional and innovative approach has proven to be essential in solving problems in today’s complex society.”

In an effort to take research to the marketplace, UCSD scientists recently created a natural sunscreen through development of nanoparticles that mimic the behavior of natural cell structures that protect the skin, eyes and other tissues from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

— City News Service

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