A mother locks cookies in a kSafe prototype.

A San Diego startup is raising funds on Kickstarter for a unique product designed to give people the discipline to achieve their goals.

The kSafe is literally a small safe that can be locked and only opened under specific conditions. The user places an item, such as a game controller or snack food, in the safe and sets the conditions for it to unlock:

  • Activity — kSafe unlocks after the user has taken a certain number of steps
    or covered enough distance
  • Location — kSafe unlocks after the user has checked-in to a location such as
    a gym or school
  • Time — kSafe unlocks at certain times of day, week, month, or after a timer

The safe is controlled by a mobile app, and works with either iOS or Android devices.

“We know it is much easier to set goals than it is to  achieve them. We can start with the best intentions, but then we become distracted, procrastinate or just lose focus,” said co-founder Ryan Tseng. “kSafe keeps us focused by making it a game, eliminating options to cheat, and rewarding us.”

He said the genesis for the product was research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about the power of pre-commitment — the idea of committing to a smart choice early,

An earlier product, the Kitchen Safe, is similar but offers only a timer to control the lock.

Warehouse Innovations, the company behind the safe product, is located in the EvoNexus incubator in downtown San Diego.

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.