Three months after the jaw-dropping fact, a video has been released showing local skateboarder Danny Way setting a Guinness World Record for the highest “air” achieved from a halfpipe jump.

Danny Way, professional skateboarder. Photo courtesy of Monster Energy

Corona-based Monster Energy, the drink-maker that sponsors Way, built what it called the tallest ramp in history on a private ranch in the Cuyamaca Mountains east of San Diego.

The property owner asked organizers not to be named.

The jump of 25.5 feet beat Way’s previous world record of 23.5 feet set in June 2003, sponsors said. The latest record was set July 18 but video was held to coincide with an ABC show that will feature the spectacle Oct. 25.

Thrasher Magazine, a leading skateboard publication, has a partnership with DC Shoes and Monster Energy, and was the first to report the news — on Wednesday.

“There was also a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records on site to document Danny’s world record,” a Monster Energy spokeswoman told Times of San Diego.

Danny Way rides down record ramp on way to halfpipe. Photo courtesy Monster Energy

Way, 41, is from Vista and still lives in North County near Encinitas, the spokeswoman said.

Why was the Cuyamaca site chosen for the record attempt?

“The site was chosen based on the privacy and size of the location,” the spokeswoman said.
“DC Shoes and Monster Energy have always supported Danny Way’s desire to innovate and progress skateboarding.”

Both companies paid for the ramp, built by California RampWorks of Carlsbad. The cost was not disclosed.

The ramp still exists but will be taken down soon, she said. The site was chosen for its privacy.

“Danny had a handful of his skateboard friends and pros there to support him and some skated the ramp,” she said via email Friday. She wasn’t sure of their names, “but none touched his height.”

Way’s “air” height was measured by a meter similar to that used at the X Games.

“Custom designed to allow Way to have a maximum speed of 55 mph, the drop-in [ramp] towers 85 feet 3 inches above the base,” said a news release. “The ramp is 256 feet long with a landing ramp that stands 56 feet tall. … That puts Way more than 81 feet above the ground at the height of his backside air.”

Way is described as a legendary skateboarder who “earned his reputation with multiple world records and feats. The only person to: jump the Great Wall of China on a skateboard and to bomb drop 28 feet, and the first person to jump out of a helicopter on a skateboard.”

He’s also credited with the longest distance jumped on a skateboard (79 feet) and the fastest land speed record on a skateboard (74.5 mph)

“He is also responsible for inventing the MegaRamp, which is now a mainstay for the Big Air competition at the X Games,” the statement said.

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