LaDainian Tomlinson Berates Local Pro Athletes for Failures on Charity Front

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Former Chargers star LaDainian Tomlinson called out local professional athletes Wednesday, saying they have failed to help San Diego and suggesting he’s the only one doing charitable works.

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U-T San Diego quoted Tomlinson as saying: “Who else is doing something? What other athletes are doing something here? That’s the way I always look at it, and I’m not trying to bash any guys, but no caring athletes have stepped up to do anything in this community, from what I understand. The one guy that continued to do things is not living anymore (Junior Seau).”

LaDainian Tomlinson (left) at radio announcement of TangoTab. Image from
Now retired, Tomlinson spoke at a downtown restaurant before a party to promote TangoTab, an effort to feed local families.

Tomlinson further said: “I feel like a lot of that falls on my shoulders to do things because of what I was known to do when I was here. That’s why I still do this.”

The U-T story reported how the Chargers and Padre “are very active in the community,” citing player and team events.

Tomlinson also said, according to the U-T: “One day, there’s going to be a kid that doesn’t remember my runs. But they will remember me feeding people, me donating to local charities here, or whatever I may choose to do in the future. They’ll remember that.”

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