Dan Mcallister
San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister outside the County Administration Building downtown. County photo

People interested in bidding in San Diego County’s online property tax auction involving 400 properties for sale must register by Wednesday.

“The properties for sale have been in tax default for five or more years, in accordance with the California Revenue & Taxation Code, it’s time to get the properties back on the tax roll generating revenue for public services,” said Dan McAllister, county treasurer-tax collector. “Our online system makes it simple to research and bid on a variety of properties across San Diego County.”

Anyone around the world can bid during the online property tax auction from March 10-15.

To participate, bidders must register by the end of Wednesday at the tax auction website, sdttc.mytaxsale.com. They must also submit a refundable $1,000 deposit and a non-refundable $35 processing fee — with some parcels requiring a larger deposit.

“We have 73 residential or commercial properties, 292 timeshares, and 26 parcels of land for sale,” McAllister said. “The county stands to bring in $3,599,965 in tax revenue if all the properties are sold for the minimum bid.”

–City News Service