Flooding in Mission Valley
Flooding in Mission Valley in 2019. Courtesy OnScene.TV

The city of San Diego is urging residents to take action to safeguard their homes, especially those in flood-prone areas, with the region set on Friday to feel some of the force of Hurricane Kay.

City officials are taking several storm preparedness steps as well, to prevent flooding and protect water quality: The Stormwater Department began on Thursday to:

  • place temporary “No Parking” signs in low-lying areas or those at risk of flooding
  • clean storm drains and inlets with a history of debris buildup,
  • sweep streets to reduce the amount of trash and pollutants entering local waterways, and
  • monitor more than 46,000  storm drains citywide for any issues.

San Diego residents can help reduce the risk of flooding near their homes by:  

  • Sweeping and picking up trash, leaves, grass clippings and other debris around storm drains and curb gutters near their homes
  • Keeping lids securely closed on trash and recycle bins. Place each one approximately two to three feet away from the curb to allow stormwater to keep flowing on the street.  
  • Turning off sprinklers and other irrigation sources to save water and minimize runoff.  
  • Knowing the safest routes to and from your home or property should flooding occur. 
  • Slowing down and do not drive, ride or walk through flood waters.  
  • Not opening or lifting manhole covers in the event of street flooding.  

During the rains, crews from the city’s storm patrol will be monitoring areas throughout the city and responding to incidents, such as temporary flooding and downed trees or branches.  

Sandbags also are available in limited supply and can be picked up at nine recreation centers, one in each City Council district. Residents with identification showing proof of residency may receive up to 10 empty sandbags.  

As the sandbags are not pre-filled, residents must buy sand, available at local hardware stores and landscape suppliers. 

Sandbags are available at the sites listed below from 1 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from noon to 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays:

  • Council District 1 – Standley Recreation Center, 3585 Governor Drive  
  • Council District 2 – Robb Athletic Field, 2525 Bacon St.  
  • Council District 3 – Golden Hill Recreation Center, 2600 Golf Course Drive
  • Council District 4 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center, 6401 Skyline Drive   
  • Council District 5 – Scripps Ranch Recreation Center, 11454 Blue Cypress Drive  
  • Council District 6 – North Clairemont Recreation Center, 4421 Bannock Ave.   
  • Council District 7 – Allied Gardens Recreation Center, 5155 Greenbrier Ave.   
  • Council District 8 – San Ysidro Community Activity Center, 179 Diza Road  
  • Council District 9 – City Heights Recreation Center, 4380 Landis St.   

Residents can report events, such as flooding or downed trees, by using the Get It Done app or by calling 619-527-7500. But still call 911 in the event of a life-threatening emergency.