National Guard troops at the Capitol
National Guard troops at the Capitol. REUTERS/Allison Shelley

Rep. Darrell Issa has called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to explain why security measures are still needed a month after the deadly insurrection by supporters of former President Trump.

“More than a month after Jan. 6, the Capitol complex remains surrounded by tall fencing, barbed wire borders, concrete barriers, restricted sidewalks, and the continued presence and patrol of thousands of National Guard troops,” said Issa in a letter to Pelosi late last week.

In the aftermath of the insurrection, Issa joined other Republicans in voting to overturn presidential election results from Arizona and Pennsylvania in line with Trump’s false claim that he won.

Issa, who represents the 50th District in east county, also later voted against impeaching Trump in connection with the insurrection.

According to Issa, the security measures have made it difficult or impossible for official guests, student class tours, and families to enter the Capitol.

“As our Capitol continued in lockdown, blocked from the citizens it works to represent, I retain serious concern that this is doing lasting damage to the institution of this House,” he said in his letter.

Issa requested that Pelosi schedule a briefing to explain why the security measures are still needed and why the Department of Homeland Security believes there continues to be a threat of right-wing violence at the Capitol.

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.