San Diego County is slated to receive more than $1 million in coronavirus-related humanitarian funding to assist with food and shelter needs during the pandemic, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Monday.

According to FEMA, $320 million in Emergency Food and Shelter Program funding will be distributed nationwide to help organizations “dedicated to providing food, shelter and supportive services to people with economic emergencies, including our nation’s hungry and homeless populations.”

About $200 million comes from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security — or CARES — Act, and te remainder from $120 million appropriated by Congress for annual EFSP funding.

San Diego County is set to receive $1,050,617, according to the EFSP website.

“These funds are for people with non-disaster related emergencies and can be used for a broad range of services, including mass shelter, mass feeding, food pantries and food banks, payment of one-month’s utility bills to prevent loss of services, payment of one-month’s rent/mortgage to prevent evictions/foreclosures and transition assistance from (temporary) shelters to stable living conditions,” according to a FEMA statement.

FEMA says the funding is allocated based on each jurisdiction’s most recent national population, unemployment, and poverty statistics. Grants are then awarded to non profit community and government organizations chosen by local boards.

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— City News Service

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