Charging an electric vehicle. Photo by Chris Jennewein

At the second-annual Climate Mayors Summit in Honolulu in June the Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative announced 127 cities and 15 counties from across 38 states, have joined the Collaborative and committed to purchasing more than 2,100 electric vehicles (EVs) by the end of 2020.

As a founding member of the Collaborative, Chula Vista has purchased 26 EVs and is on track to purchase eight more by the end of 2020 — helping to improve citywide air quality and public health.

By transitioning to EVs, Chula Vista is leading by example: helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet, saving taxpayer money, improving public health, and reducing our nation’s dependency on oil. Since launching its initial 15 vehicle EV fleet in 2018, Chula Vista has realized these savings:

Maintenance &
Repair Cost per Mile
Down Time
Annual Fuel
Old Vehicles $0.15 1,566 $10,310
Battery Electric Vehicles $0.03 257 $2,610
Percent Decrease 80% 84% 75%

As part of Climate Mayors’ commitment to grow participation and offerings in the Collaborative, its procurement partner, Sourcewell, will be releasing a new national solicitation for electric school buses by the end of the year, enabling all electric school bus manufacturers to participate and become readily available for any public school system to access at competitive prices.

The Collaborative will continue to expand in the future, including to transit buses and other vehicle types. With more than 470,000 school buses and 70,000 transit buses operating across the country, transitioning to electric buses creates a big
opportunity for school children and transit passengers across the United States to travel on a zeroemission bus.

“The clean transportation revolution is not a distant vision for the far-off future — it’s a reality hitting the streets of Los Angeles and cities around the world,” said Climate Mayors’ Founder and Co-Chair Eric Garcetti. “By expanding this innovative platform with zero-emission school buses and thousands of new commitments for electric vehicles, Climate Mayors are sending a powerful message to the global car market: if you build electric vehicles, we will buy them.”

“We are thrilled to have participated as one of the founding cities for the launch of this exciting initiative. Our effort to modernize our city fleet with efficient vehicles is consistent with our long history of environmental stewardship and leadership in Chula Vista,” said Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas.

“Doubling the number of electric vehicles in our fleet in the coming months sends a strong message about our commitment to achieving the goals of our Climate Action Plan.”

By agreeing to purchase electric vehicles through the Collaborative, public agencies gain access to competitively solicited EVs and charging infrastructure, as well as innovative leasing options that allow cities to reduce EV costs by accessing state and federal tax credits. The Collaborative also provides support with analysis and best practices for fleet electrification to cities as they consider switching to electric.

Launched in September 2018, the Collaborative is a partnership between Climate Mayors, the Electrification Coalition, and Sourcewell. The program works with cities and other public agencies to accelerate the electrification of public fleets. The Collaborative provides technical expertise to purchasers and a program that reduces the costs and barriers to electrifying fleets.

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