Blue Line trolley construction at Nobel Drive in May. Photo by Chris Jennewein

Looking to spur investment in local transportation projects, Assemblyman Todd Gloria has unveiled legislation that would enable “subregional” sales tax funding.

Assembly Bill 1413 would give local transportation authorities the ability to propose funding measures in any portion of their jurisdiction. Any proposal would still require two-thirds voter approval in order to become effective.

“We need to improve transportation infrastructure in California, but needs vary across the state. That can mean progress is held up when the needs of one community differ from that of a neighboring community,” said Gloria.

“This is fundamentally about making progress over gridlock. With this bill, cities and counties can make real progress on transportation infrastructure improvements,” he said.

Gloria’s Subregional Tax Act for Reliable Transportation, or START, would mean transportation agencies could propose geographically targeted taxes to fund projects for a particular community.

Brian Allison of AFSCME California said the union supports the plan, noting that the bill would empower transportation agencies “to take a targeted approach to address critical infrastructure deficiencies impacting their constituents without being forced to rely on the political will of voters in neighboring communities who would never see the benefits from such projects.”

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.