Border Patrol Says Some from Migrant ‘Caravan’ Have Scaled Border Fence

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Homes in the hillsides of Mexico can be seen over the primary fence along the U.S.-Mexican border. Photo by Chris Stone

The Border Patrol said Saturday that several groups of people from the so-called Central American caravan have tried to enter the United States illegally by scaling dilapidated portions of the border fence near San Ysidro.

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“In several of these incidents, children as young as 4-years-old, and in one case a pregnant female, were detected entering the United States illegally through a dark, treacherous canyon that is notorious for human and drug smuggling,” said Chief Patrol Agent Rodney S. Scott.

He said Saturday afternoon that the incidents had occurred over the past 24 hours but provided no total number.

An estimated 350 to 400 migrants have assembled in Tijuana as part of an annual effort by the advocacy group Pueblo sin Fronteras to help migrants flee drugs and violence in Central America. President Trump had dubbed it a “caravan.”

Media reports said about 200 members of the group plan to approach the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Sunday and seek asylum.

Scott warned that asylum seekers would only be processed at the San Ysidro crossing and anyone attempting to enter the United States elsewhere would be prosecuted.

“To anyone that is associated with this caravan, think before you act,” he said. “If anyone has encouraged you to illegally enter the United States, or make any false statements to U.S. government officials, they are giving you bad advice and they are placing you and your family at risk.”

Officials also warned that priority in passing through the busy San Ysidro crossing would be given to those with appropriate travel documents.

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