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An initiative calling for a constitutional convention to propose a series of amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including creating a way for states to secede, was submitted to the state Attorney General‘s Office Thursday.

It’s the third ballot initiative seeking secession filed so far this year in the wake of President Trump’s November victory.

“Steps to secession need to be in the Constitution,” initiative author Clare Hedin told City News Service. “No one today would even enter an airplane without an exit strategy being in place, let alone a lifelong agreement defining power structures.”

Other proposed amendments in what supporters dubbed as “The California Call for a Constitutional Convention,” include guaranteeing health care for all, providing “free, high quality universal education,” abolishing the Electoral College or having proportional representation in the Electoral College.

“We’re excited to raise the level of dialogue around radical changes in power structures,” Hedin said.

“We believe the U.S. political system has had its day and has proved its limitations. It’s time for something new, something more intelligent and with a broader vision of the global community in which we now live and have a responsibility to contribute to positively.”

A provision of the Constitution allows for states to call a constitutional convention to propose amendments — which would then be submitted to the states for approval — but it has never been used.

The Attorney General’s Office typically issues an official circulation title and summary 65 days after the submission of the initiative, which allows signature gathering to begin.

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