A San Diego Metropolitan Transit System bus. Photo courtesy MTS

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System‘s ridership is down, and so is its revenue, but the agency’s Chief Executive Officer is getting a raise, according to a report from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The MTS board approved the raise for CEO Paul Jablonski at its March 9 meeting, the U-T reported.

“The 3.5 percent pay increase boosts Jablonski’s annual base salary to $371,316 from $358,760, according to board records. The raise was retroactive to Jan. 1,” the U-T continued.

The leader is also receiving a $24,000 bonus to be placed in his retirement account, the U-T reported.

However, a report to the board listed some of Jablonski’s accomplishments in 2016, “which members considered when deciding on the merit-based raise,” according to the U-T.

Jablonski’s salary increase comes at a time when MTS passenger fare revenue is 5.9 percent below projections in the first half of the 2017 fiscal year, according to a presentation for board members, the U-T report continued.

An action plan for the agency calls for “review of all expenses and revenues; monitoring ridership, system performance, and sales tax trends; and pursuing fare increases,” the U-T reported.


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