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Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, whose congressman father ran for president, was one of the first House members to endorse Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Now the younger Hunter is feeling “snubbed” by the New York businessman.

Duncan Hunter speaks in the House floor in 2012. Image via video.

As first reported in Politico, Trump refused “multiple requests” to meet with Hunter after his visit Thursday morning on Capitol Hill with Speaker Paul Ryan and other top-echelon Republicans.

“I think it would have been good of him” to meet with “the first endorsers” as well as those who’ve gotten on board more recently, Hunter was quoted as saying.

“There is no reason not to have as many people on your side as you can … and he missed a real opportunity here.”

Hunter told Politico that his complaint wasn’t about his ego, arguing that face time with rank-and-file lawmakers would actually have helped Trump in the long run by making it easier for them to vouch for the candidate with voters in their districts.

Said Hunter of his cohorts: “If they endorse him, then go back to their districts to say they’ve met him and he’s not crazy, it goes a long way. It helps if you can say, ‘I met the guy’ … and can be beneficial for Trump, too.”

Reacting on the conservative San Diego blog SDRostra.com, local Realtor Brian Brady wrote: “Here’s the hard truth Congressman Hunter: Donald Trump used you and has moved on to greener pastures. He’s done it all of his life.”

Brady then listed 10 Trump policy reversals, including stands on the minimum wage, abortion, the national debt and universal health care.

“Don’t take it personally, Congressman Hunter,” Brady concluded. “The Donald is just trying to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and he has to ‘be flexible’ — that flexibility includes rejecting you when you are no longer useful to him.”

A local GOP fundraiser, Brady actively backed Ted Cruz before the Texas senator quit the race.

The latest remarks on SDRostra cap an active 48 hours in which Trump backers and opponents sparred via posts and comments.

“I dislike Hillary Clinton as much as the next Republican — she’s a flagrantly corrupt, morally bankrupt, and grossly incompetent liberal Democrat,” Ryan T. Darby wrote Wednesday in a post titled: WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY: #NEVERTRUMP. “Sadly, the record shows that Donald Trump is probably no better, and may be a whole lot worse.”

Darby called Trump a liberal pretending to be a Republican, but said “it really goes much deeper than that. He’s simply unfit to hold our highest office.”

Richard Rider of San Diego Tax Fighters noted the issue is moot anyway, since California’s electoral college votes will likely go to a Democrat.

“So one can vote one’s conscience in the Golden State without the slightest concern that one’s vote would have influenced the outcome,” Rider said, adding that he would back Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, “while voting straight GOP ‘down ticket.’”

Leah Dutra wrote Wednesday night: “If you are not pleased with how the GOP has created a candidate like Trump, then it makes no sense not to vote for an alternative and make a statement.”

She said it wouldn’t help Clinton win by not voting for Trump.

“And guess what, Trump supporters, your vote in the general is in no way helping him win,” Dutra said. “So there. We may all disagree, but we are united in our irrelevancy.”

Former La Mesa councilman Barry Jantz seconded the motion: “A vote against Trump [in California] is just as meaningless as a vote for him. There are, however, many meaningful down-ballot races.”

Moot or not, Hunter is one of three local office-holders who will attend the GOP national convention in Cleveland as pledged delegates for Trump — selected by his campaign.

Others are North County Rep. Darrell Issa and state Sen. Joel Anderson. Also pledged to Trump as a delegate (in the 52nd Congressional District) is former Union-Tribune publisher Doug Manchester.

Local Trump delegates by district:

  • 49 Darrell Issa
  • 49 Linda Alvarez
  • 49 Vera John
  • 50 Joel Anderson
  • 50 Louis Russo
  • 50 Duncan Hunter
  • 51 Gina Loudon
  • 51 John Loudon
  • 51 Robert Maupin
  • 52 Papa Doug Manchester
  • 52 John Woodrum
  • 52 Donna Woodrum
  • 53 Jeffrey Anderson
  • 53 Kendall De Pascal
  • 53 Todd Sobol

Other reactions to the Trump “snub”:

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