Rep. Hunter Calls Trump’s Plan to Deport 11 Million Impossible

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Duncan Hunter speaks from the House floor in 2012. Image from video

Donald Trump supporter Rep. Duncan Hunter said Monday the presidential candidate’s pledge to deport America’s 11 million undocumented immigrants “is not within the scope of possibility.”

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Hunter, whose 50th District includes most of east San Diego County north of Interstate 8, wrote in an op-ed published in USA Today that voters are reacting in frustration to what they consider a lack of enforcement of immigration laws.

“There’s much appeal around rhetoric that promotes not just the enforcement of America’s borders, but also the enforcement of immigration laws,” Hunter wrote. “And while the idea of deporting 11 million people is not within the scope of possibility, it’s what such a pronouncement signals that’s the true magnet.”

Last month Hunter became the first House member to endorse Republican front-runner Trump, saying he agreed with Trump’s positions and adding that “we need a leader as president.” But on Monday, Hunter wrote that Trump supporters are not necessarily voting for their candidate’s specific policies.

“So when a candidate like Donald Trump raises the prospect of building a wall on the border, or deporting 11 million people, millions of Americans are not necessarily voting for those things specifically,” Hunter wrote. “Rather, they’re voting for a commitment to do what the past two administrations have failed to do.

“They’re voting for the idea that finally somebody is willing to enforce the law to the extent that the law requires.”

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