A security officer enters the Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego emergency entrance.
A security officer enters the Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego emergency entrance. Photo by Chris Stone

I am a 62-year-old grandmother and my husband is 67. Because of our age and underlying medical conditions, we are considered “high risk” for becoming infected with COVID-19.

From my research it appears that many influential Republicans believe that we should just volunteer to die in order to reopen the economy. As Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick put it, “There are more important things than living.”

Our President wants all of us to just allow the virus to “wash through” our population despite the fact that thousands more will die. He says that then we will have “herd immunity.”

What President Trump neglects to say is that we don’t know enough about this highly lethal and easily transmittable disease to determine what path COVID-19 will take. Right now he is suppressing important information (case in point, the firing of Rick Bright) that would help us make intelligent choices about how to move forward.

The fact that Trump is accepting that many will die means that he is not working as hard as he could to ensure that we can live.

The other important question is, what is the value of every life? A great deal. Most of us will probably live into our 80s or 90s. We are deeply loved by our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who insist that we keep ourselves isolated and safe.

Because of their callous disregard for our lives, I now call the President “Typhoid Trump” and our Senate leader ‘Murdering Mitch” for insisting that the Senate reconvene just to push through conservative judges. This is especially foolish now that there are outbreaks in our nation’s capital.

We seniors need to harness our collective power to change the direction of our country. We deserve to live.

Leigh Shalloway

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