Dialysis machines
Dialysis machines at a hospital. Photo by Irvin Calicut via Wikimedia Commons

The battle never seems to end for dialysis patients. We defeated Proposition 8 last November, and now there’s a bill that would once again hurt us. That bill is Assembly Bill 290.

Charitable assistance makes our treatment more affordable by helping to pay for health care premiums. AB 290 attacks this source of assistance by cutting the amount insurance companies pay for dialysis care to an amount that is far below the actual costs of dialysis care.

The result? Clinics will no longer be able to afford the quantity or quality of care they provide to patients like me.

End-Stage Renal Disease is hard enough, from the dialysis I receive three days a week, to the fatigue and lack of energy. But if AB 290 passes, I’ll have to worry about the financial aspects of dialysis. One more burden.

Join me in asking your state representatives to vote NO.

Suzanne DeFunetes
San Diego

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