Rep. Duncan Hunter leaves the courthouse in downtown San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone

By Carrie Danielson

I appeal to the Republicans and Independents in Congressional District 50. While many of you have supported Congressman Duncan Hunter over the past few years, I hope you will consider that this is the time to withdraw that support.

While our country is highly polarized, I think there are certain values we all share such as honesty. If you read the indictment of Congressman Hunter and his wife, you will be stunned by the overt acts of deception, which is a strange oxymoron.

The duplicity they used with their campaign treasurer, the manipulation of funds and the use of veterans charitable organizations as cover for their crimes surely must upset Republicans and Democrats alike.

While some may cry foul, that the indictment was politically motivated, if you read it, you must conclude that the crimes listed therein are motivated by greed and avarice, by a desire to live beyond their family’s means.

The Republican Party that I know, or at least I thought I knew, would see this as a betrayal of the public trust, against religious values, and demonstrating a corrupt nature not worthy of a federal office.

Paul Ryan, a Republican and Speaker of the House, called the charges “deeply serious” and said “now that he has been indicted, Rep. Hunter will be removed from his committee assignments pending the resolution of this matter.”

As a result, Hunter’s power and status in the Congress is sorely diminished by his own party.

I urge independents and Republicans to read the indictment in full. Don’t rely upon the news reports alone, and afterward ask yourselves if you want to support and vote for someone who does not live by many of the basic values that unify us as Americans.

You have an alternative, and a good one, in Ammar Campa-Najjar.

Carrie Danielson is a resident of Julian and a member of Julian Indivisible.

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