A well-maintained home with a drought-resistant landscape. Photo courtesy San Diego County Water Authority

By Cannon Christian

It is often said that there is never a perfect time to sell your house. Each season can be marked with different challenges and difficulties that sellers should keep in mind. Families with children tend to look for a home during the summer months, when there is no conflict of missing school or other obligations during a move. On the other hand, singles and couples may not be looking to buy during their time of vacation and relaxation.

With the official beginning of summer Sunday, many homeowners are gearing up to place their homes on the market, hoping to attract eager buyers. To save time and money in the long run, the team at Renovation Realty suggests six tips to get your home ready for display — and ultimately help sell your house:

Cannon Christian, president of Renovation Realty.

1. Use the summer atmosphere to your advantage. The lively and carefree vibes of summer leave many buyers looking for a refreshing home with areas to enjoy the season. Keep your backyards and patios clean and festive. Add in pops of color with fresh flowers, unique decor or hanging lights. No matter the style of your current patio, there is always something that can be added to give a punch of personality.

2. Fight the weather. If you live in a humid city or area, you may find your home sticky and warm — just what buyers don’t want. Solve this issue with a dehumidifier. Place in a lower room or any room you think may need the extra water absorption. Check with a local flood service or plumbing company for rental options to avoid spending extra cash on a short-use purchase.

3. Lighten your home. Take down heavy drapes and curtains to let in the natural sunlight. This will prevent that drab and dreary feeling from sneaking in. Adding in plant life, like water-savvy succulents, or flowers in your home will also brighten the space while producing a sweet aroma! If you are in a bind with time and money, visit your local Trader Joe’s. The store is always packed with in-season flowers and plants, already bloomed, at a low price.

4. Keep grass trimmed and do your part to save water. An unkempt lawn is most obvious to buyers during the summer months. Make time to mow your lawn and trim unruly edges at least once a week (maybe more depending on where you live and type of grass). Make sure to follow your city’s water mandates; it’s everyone’s responsibility to conserve during the drought. Even though it may not be the most attractive lawn in color, buyers will know it’s for good reason.

5. Check screens and doors for cracks/holes. Summer months are prone to bugs and mosquitoes. Keep these dreaded bugs out and potential buyers happy by fixing any window screens with holes. Also take a look at the rubber stops in your doorway and replace any ill-fitting stops that may have been caused from weather or warping.

6. Get the word out. Summer is a much more social time of year. Take some time to walk around your neighborhood to let people know about your home, and ask them to share with anyone they know who might be interested. It is much more likely to come up in conversation during a late night barbecue! Take an informational flier with you that showcases a picture of your home in tip-top shape.

Each house is different but there is no need to go overboard to completely alter your home for summer. Play off your home’s strengths, while following these six steps, and you will surely attract buyers.

Cannon Christian is president of Renovation Realty and a licensed real estate broker.

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