At Trump Talk, Kids Hail ‘Space Force’ Vision as ‘Great Idea’

From left, brothers Sam, Will and Wyatt Costa of Eastlake wave flags at Donald Trump talk at MCAS Miramar. Photo by Chris Stone

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Wyatt Costa, in a Make America Great Again hat, points toward media crews covering Trump talk at MCAS Miramar. Photo by Ken Stone

By Ken Stone

President Trump may already have some potential recruits for his suggested Space Force — brothers Wyatt, Sam and Will Costa.

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From left, brothers Sam, Will and Wyatt Costa of Eastlake wave flags at Donald Trump talk at MCAS Miramar. Photo by Chris Stone
The sons of MCAS Miramar logistics director Louis Costa of Chula Vista were present for the creation of the idea Tuesday on the San Diego base.

Wyatt, a 14-year-old eighth-grader at Arroyo Vista Charter Middle School, called it a “really cool and innovative idea for the country. I really hope that he goes with it.”

Brother Will, 10, envisioned the War Machine in “Space Rangers” and called it “very helpful” and a “step for our nation.

Would he like to enlist eventually?

“Maybe,” said the elementary student, who said he was studying space in school.

Sam Costa, 12, an Arroyo seventh-grader, said he would have to learn more about it “to make my opinion.”

With father Louis Costa were sons (from left) Sam, Will and Wyatt Costa at Donald Trump talk at MCAS Miramar. Photo by Chris Stone
“It’s the first (time) I’ve ever heard of a Space Force,” he said from behind the fenced-off press area and risers, where he didn’t have a view of the commander in chief.
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But: “I think it would be a good idea to have one. We will have a safe lead over other countries. I think it’s a great idea for the country.”

Elder brother Wyatt anticipated the doubters about whether it’s doable, but said: “I believe that with Trump’s ingenuity, we can get it through Congress. It’s a very effective way of (defending against) enemy attacks. I think we should have it.”

He called a Space Force, overall, a “very nice defense to have in our pocket — even if it’s not used. But we could be able to sit back and know we’re safe.”

With the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” blaring in the background after Trump’s exit, Wyatt said he’d like to see more details before shooting for a Space Force career — but he might “definitely at least take a shot at it.”

In his 26-minute talk to 1,500 mainly Marines inside a Miramar aircraft maintenance hanger, Trump declared that America was “very soon” going to Mars — saying “you wouldn’t” if Hillary Clinton had been elected.

“My new national strategy recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain — just like the land, air and sea,” he said. “We may even have a Space Force. … You have the Air Force, you have a Space Force.”

He said: “We’re doing a tremendous amount of work in space. I said: ‘Maybe we need a new force — we’ll call it a Space Force.'”

But expecting critics, Trump noted the dozens of media crews and said: “Look at all those people back there: Ahhhh, Fake News. So think of that: Space Wars!”

The Washington Post and other outlets noted that the Outer Space Treaty, “which the United States signed in 1967, bars states from testing weapons and establishing military bases on the moon and other celestial bodies. It also prohibits the placement of weapons of mass destruction in orbit around Earth.”

But the treaty has no enforcement mechanism, the Post said, and nothing is really stopping a president or anyone else from militarizing space.

“Still, the voluntary agreement has managed to prevent war in space for the past 51 years,” said the Post.

Trump said America was rebuilding its nuclear forces.

“We have to be so far ahead of any other country. It’s a capability we never want to think about using,” he said. “We have no choice.

“We’re accelerating development of hypersonic systems that can fly five times the speed of sound. In space, the United States is going to do Col. [John] Glenn proud. We are finally going to lead again.”

For the Costa sons, another mission awaits.

Louis Costa was asked if his sons would be doing school reports on their Trump visit.

“I hope so,” he said.

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