Photo via Pexels

A charitable organization was planning to send more than 4,400 tarps to patch damaged roofs of Hurricane Ida victims in Louisiana, a spokesperson said Thursday.

The Category 4 storm hit Louisiana on Sunday and caused major power grid failure, along with extensive roof damage to thousands of homes.

“The tarps will provide protection from the elements until families with roof damage are able to have their roofs repaired,” said Barry La Forgia, executive director of San Diego-based International Relief Teams. “We plan to not only help sustain these families now, but also to assist them in their recovery during the coming weeks and months ahead.”

This is the relief organization’s third shipment of relief supplies to Louisiana, according to a spokeswoman. The first shipment contained $100,000 worth of ready-to-eat meals for families left homeless, while the second shipment contained 2,500 rechargeable solar lanterns for families without electricity.

International Relief Teams sends volunteer teams and medical supplies to vulnerable people around the world. Donations to support Hurricane Ida victims can be made at

–City News Service