Jude Evans. Courtesy of the McCaw Studio

At just three years old, Jude Evans decided it was time to intertwine his love for music and books. Inspired by the children’s book, “What Do You Do with an Idea” by Kobi Yamada, Evans said he turned his idea into a published book.

Evans is the author of the recently released children’s book, “Bands by Jude,” an illustrated alphabet book detailing “the best bands young rockers need to know.” The book is illustrated by San Diego’s Chloe Becky.

“When I was a little kid there was a book called “What Do You Do With An Idea” and I thought that was a really cool book, so I was inspired by that,” said Jude, who recently moved to Bremerton, Wash. “I wanted to write this book because when I was a little kid first learning to read, I wanted a book like this, but it didn’t exist. I decided to make it myself. Now that I’m older, what I like is that other kids can read it to learn their ABCs and learn about awesome bands.”

Some of the bands included in the book include Artic Monkeys from the United Kingdom and Youth Lagoon from Idaho.

“We’re just so proud of Jude for seeing his idea all the way through,” said Jude’s father, Marq Evans. There were a lot of times during the process of making this book where we probably would have been OK giving up on it because there were so many obstacles, but Jude was just determined to see it through to the end.”

Evans and his son said they are both excited to also highlight great bands.

“Music is one of the most important things to our family, so knowing parents and kids can discover new bands and music with this book is really special to us,” Evans said. “We’ve been hearing from families that after reading through the book they’ll put on music from the bands featured and that makes us all really happy. It’s pretty awesome to know kids are learning their ABCs while discovering great music.”

Becky, the illustrator of the book, said Jude is the youngest author she’s worked with. However, he inspired her.

“He is bursting with creativity and open to new ideas and has a zealousness for art and music that very much inspired me,” Becky said. “I think this book is meaningful because it connects us to different forms of creative expression. As far as I know there hasn’t been an alphabet book on bands made before and something as powerful as music can really have an impact on us.”

As he promotes his first book, Jude said he plans to write more books and record more music.

“Bands by Jude” can be purchased on Amazon. For more information, go to themccaw.studio/bands.

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