A high school student using a laptop. Photo via Pixabay

A San Diego-based employer is taking the extra step to ensure its employees are taken care of during this pandemic. St. Paul’s Senior Services announced this week it will launch childcare programs for employees.

Called the “Learning Lab,” the program is available for elementary school-age children of St. Paul’s employees. The program is guided by a childcare teacher who will supervise children.

“Businesses large and small are navigating a ‘new normal’ and searching for ways to support their employees during the pandemic,” said Cheryl Wilson, RN and CEO of St. Paul’s Senior Services. “COVID-19 has brought challenges and ultimately, stress to families and employees, including our own and as such, St. Paul’s Senior Services has launched many programs to support employees during the pandemic.”

St. Paul’s Senior Services has been based in San Diego for more than 60 years, caring for 1,400 seniors daily. The nonprofit has nearly 700 employees who work throughout the county.

“As soon as the pandemic hit, we provided staff and residents with masks, implemented screenings, and organized education on safe practices. Our industry is service oriented and we needed to do more for our employees, so our assistance with child care for staff has been a huge help to employees who otherwise would have had to stay at home,” explained Wilson. “We also provide employees with meals so they don’t have to leave the buildings to purchase food, and for those who need alternative accommodations we have provided hotel rooms.

St. Paul’s also provided emotional support, launching several tools to support employees psychologically, physically and spiritually. One is a daily wellness e-mail with meditation and exercise tips, recipes, and encouragement. They also produce a weekly Sunday Service where a St. Paul’s Chaplain records a spiritual service, since churches are closed.

For more information on St. Paul’s Senior Services, visit www.stpaulseniors.org.