St. Paul’s Senior Services held a candlelight vigil Wednesday, July 8, 2020, to remember seniors affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Courtesy photo

St. Paul’s Senior Services on Wednesday held a virtual candlelight vigil to remember the senior community amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

In collaboration with the Global Ageing Network, St. Paul’s was one of many senior living communities around the world to host the “Remember Me” vigil. Health experts say the elderly population and those with pre-existing medical conditions are most at-risk of the disease.

Organizers said the vigil was aimed at “bringing attention to older adults, the population most vulnerable to COVID-19, yet not made a priority for supplies and support at the beginning of the outbreak, resulting in unnecessary loss of lives.”

“The lack of awareness of the needs of seniors and their caregivers has highlighted a level of ageism around the world,” said Cheryl Wilson, CEO of St. Paul’s Senior Services, who is also a GAN Board Member. GAN members throughout the world will be hosting similar events on July 8, sending a worldwide message and show of support for seniors.

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