Public health officials want to discredit fake mask “exemption” cards that have begun to circulate in California. Photo credit: @lapublichealth, via Twitter

Health officials in California warned Friday that people are circulating bogus “Face Mask Exempt” cards, in defiance of state and local orders.

“These flyers and cards are NOT from a government agency and are not endorsed by the Department of Justice or any Los Angeles County department,” according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Twitter page.

“Cloth face coverings MUST be worn anytime residents are around others not from their household, except by children under 2 and individuals with medical conditions that prevent use of a face covering,” county officials said.

Health officials posted photos of the phony cards, one of which is laminated and states in bold print, “I AM EXEMPT FROM ANY ORDINANCE REQUIRING FACE MASK USAGE IN PUBLIC.”

The cards, circulating online, warn that anyone harassing the card holder could be subject to penalties from the Department of Justice and face fines of up to $150,000.

County officials stamped the photos “FAKE.”

– City News Service

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