Homer Henard of Santa Cruz does an impressive dismount over Skyler, his Queensland heeler, to earn style points. Photo by Chris Stone

Sugar was a lucky duck Sunday. Make that top canine at the 13th annual Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon, the crowd-pleasing competition that benefits the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Ryan Rustan’s collie mix — a veteran board-rider saved from a Huntington Beach shelter at 6 months old — was named Best in Surf, winning a hand-crafted wooden surf board trophy for Rustan at Del Mar’s Dog Beach. (All dogs took home goodie bags.)

Surf Gidget the pug took second. And Turbo the golden retriever was third at the event with a variety of weight classes and an expected 70 entries.

But with more than 100 people enjoying an overcast morning, the new Freestyle category — pairing humans and dogs on one board — offered some special flair.

Homer Henard of Santa Clara, doing a hula dance for style points, performed a jump in the air and over his dog, Skyler, into the water. The tandem pair topped Freestyle.

Top winners in each category were Turbo and Tristan for the freestyle contest, Skyler for a second freestyle section, Surf Gidget the Pug in the extra small dog group, Sugar in the small dog section, Faith in the medium category, Turbo in the large dog group, and Charlie in the extra large category.

Our favorite surFURS (their word) and surf humans (ours):

Ryan Rustan of Huntington Beach cuddles with his dog, Sugar, who won Best in Surf. Photo by Chris Stone
Jessi, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever of Encinitas, shakes off water after a surfing round. Photo by Chris Stone
Derby, a goldendoodle, retrieves a ball and heads into shore. Photo by Chris Stone
Kentucky Gallahue of Point Loma communes with Derby, his goldendoodle. Photo by Chris Stone
Two dogs bail out at the end of a ride in the Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surf-a-thon at Del Mar Dog Beach. Photo by Chris Stone
Surf was up for an owner and dog team in the competition. Photo by Chris Stone
Prince Dudeman of Culver City sits on the head of his owner, Ryan Thor, before a round. Photo by Chris Stone
Prince Dudeman shows off his hide and seek look before the competition. Photo by Chris Stone
Charlie the dog helps his owner by pulling his board out to sea. Photo by Chris Stone
Dogs enjoyed the warm surf in foggy conditions on Sunday morning at Del Mar Dog Beach. Photo by Chris Stone

The best of the rest:

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