San Diego Urban League Hails $300K Grant: ‘A Hand Up, not a Handout’

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Image from homepage of Urban League of San Diego County.

The Urban League of San Diego County announced Tuesday that it has received a $300,000 grant from The Satterberg Foundation to assist African Americans and other undeserved populations to achieve social and economic equality.

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[contextly_sidebar id=”nCu05abIsL38mYn2Ev78mzwMe1YBk5Ag”]The grant will support the Urban League’s health and wellness program, which involves partnerships with behavioral health professionals and faith leaders to address health and wellness issues in places of worship; its housing program, which offers mortgage loan modification, buyer education, pre-purchase counseling, financial coaching and foreclosure mitigation; and its workforce development program, which places people into livable-wage jobs.

“We feel that society will be better off as a whole when all members of society regardless of social status have an equal opportunity to achieve success through their hard work and determination,” said Ray King, president and CEO of the San Diego Urban League.

“In essence, we are advocating for those looking for a hand up, not a handout. The Satterberg Foundation’s mission of a just society and sustainable environment mirrors our mission with respect to social justice for all human beings and we are excited to build a strong partnership with them in this work.”

The money will be distributed in even payments over three years.

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