Courtesy of San Diego Poke Co.

San Diego Poke Co. recently opened its second location on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.

The restaurant chain, which opened its first location in Mission Valley last year, began as a vendor at local farmers markets.

“I chose to expand into Normal Heights because I found the demographic appealing. Normal Heights reflects such a diverse ethnic population,” said founder Yohei Umezu. “I was raised in Los Angeles where I was around a similar diverse environment, so I appreciate being around different people and cultures. My experience thus far has been great and the Normal Heights locals have been more than welcoming.”

Courtesy of San Diego Poke Co.

To complement its build-your-own poke bowls, salads and tacos, shortly after opening San Diego Poke Co.’s second location will offer four of its leading poke bowls as wraps: fan favorite The OG SD, the salmon-based Reel Bliss with pineapple and peppers, sushi roll-inspired California Love and Off the Hook with spicy tuna, serrano peppers and chili flakes.

The poke burger trend that gained nationwide attention last year will also become available in the form of a Spicy Tuna Poke Burger and The Oh-No Burger, both served on a Hot Cheetos rice bun.

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