Example of a ripe Dragon Fruit. Photo Pixabay
If your kids aren’t already out for summer break, they will be soon and that means boredom.
But it doesn’t have to thanks to Barons Market’s North Park located at 3231 E. University Ave., where kids of all ages — especially picky eaters — will peer around aisles on a hunt for 10 nontraditional snacks on June 10 from 2 to 4 p.m. The reason? An unconventional scavenger hunt that should whet their whistles.
The daring eaters and their no-more-chicken-nuggets parents will sample bright pink dragon fruit, take swigs of kombucha and chew on gummy hibiscus.
Kids can also explore quinoa edamame salad, ice cream with flavored balsamic vinegars and kale and lentil chips. For every fearless foodie who conquers all the samples, Barons Market has prepared kid-friendly prizes.
According to Barons Market, educating children about untraditional edible options pushes the boundaries of normal snack food, opening a world of possibility for school lunch boxes and movie munchies. The sample scavenger hunt allows families to explore new, all-natural foods without committing to a full bag of quinoa chips or an entire bottle of kombucha.
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