Lightning strikes. Photo via NOAA on Wikimedia Commons.
Lightning strikes. Photo via NOAA on Wikimedia Commons.

A chance of thunderstorms and frequent dry lightning in San Diego County this upcoming week prompted a fire weather watch to remain in place on Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

On Monday through Tuesday a low pressure system will bring mid-level moisture and instability from the south, said NWS forecasters. However, the lower layers of atmosphere will be dangerously dry, increasing the chance of dry lightning.

Frequent lightning strikes combined with dry weather has the potential to produce multiple fires, said NWS forecasters. Little to no rainfall is expected to accompany the lightning strikes.

Wind speeds are forecast at 15 mph or less, and there is potential for gusts over 35 mph near thunderstorms, said forecasters. Humidity may reach 10 to 15 percent in areas of the valleys from early to late afternoon Monday.

Forecasters anticipate the thunderstorms may begin early Monday morning in San Diego County and spread North into Orange County and parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties by noon.

There is still a chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday, but slightly higher humidity will reduce the threat, said forecasters.

– City News Service