A warning sign along a Del Mar beach warns of cliff danger. Photo by Chris Stone
The cliff bluffs along the Del Mar beach. Photo by Chris Stone

The Mayor of Del Mar, Sherryl Park, will host a ‘Take Back the Tracks” symbolic hike alongside the North County Transit District (NTCD) tracks in Del Mar to protest the city’s ticketing of beachgoers and the community, according to a City representative.

At Del Mar Powerhouse Park, on 15th and Coast Boulevard, community members will gather at 1 p.m. to fight for their access to the local beaches and cliff bluffs. Officials say this is being threatened by the NTCD’s intense enforcement of no trespassing signs.

During the last few weeks, the NCTD has been cracking down on the pedestrians and visitors who go near its property, which includes the tracks and right of way located on the bluffs in Del Mar, according to a City official. This enforcement has resulted in many beachgoers, bluff joggers and walkers getting up to $500 in fines, as they attempt to reach the beach.

There are only two points in the coast line of Del Mar, which is about two-miles long, where beachgoers and bluff joggers can legally cross without trespassing on NCTD’s tracks or right of way.

The Sheriff’s Department has contracted with the NCTD to frequently post several deputies in Del Mar to enforce the no trespassing signs and hand out tickets, said an official. With the leadership of Mayor Parks, the Del Mar City Council is working with NCTD to find a solution that will broaden legal access for residents and visitors to the local beaches.

Mayor Parks also invited residents and visitors to meet in the Powerhouse Park at one of the two legal track crossings to show support for a practical and legal solution, according to a city official.