Photo courtesy of San Diego Bike Coalition.
Photo courtesy of San Diego Bike Coalition.

The Bike Coalition will combine forces with “pedaling, planning and pints” to discuss the Coastal Rail Trail at ‘Bikes on Tap,’ a bike-in happy hour, according to the San Diego County Bike Coalition (SDCBC).

There are meetings each month at a different brewery in San Diego County that features a bike-in happy hour. An official from SDCBC says it’s an opportunity for local communities of bicyclists to learn about bike improvements and the Coastal Rail Trail.

The Coastal Rail Trail is a plan to make Coast Highway more friendly to pedestrians and all people ‘on two wheels,’ said the official. According to Keep San Diego Moving, a website about regional biking projects, the plan was first created in the mid-1990s. It’s a bike route that would consist of a 44-mile trail extending from Oceanside to Downtown San Diego.

SANDAG is constructing the trail in segments of the various cities it will pass through, according to SDCBC. The Bike Coalition says the planning processes are often pedantic and tedious, which deters local residents from being more proactively involved. The purpose of the ‘Bikes on Tap’ meeting is to make the planning process more approachable and fun, and give a voice to local communities.

SDCBC is one of the only countywide organizations that strives to protect bicyclists, and offer them a platform to discuss the development of local bike trails and other bike improvements.