The cover of the book, “Sexy=Yoga” by Ranee Reese.

A Pacific Beach woman wants to share the benefits of the ancient practice of yoga, including tips on how to become sexier.

Ranee Reese, who has been practicing yoga since 2004, is the author of the recently released book “Sexy = Yoga,” a guide on “achieving the ultimate, sexy you.”

Reese, 36, said she researched numerous yoga poses and its benefits to write the book. She also studied the meditation aspect of the practice.

Reese spoke with Times of San Diego about her book and the benefits of yoga.

What are the benefits you’ve received from practicing yoga?

My yoga practice has evolved from a purely physical practice helping me to heal my ski injury into a great journey of a huge self-transformation, healing, community and enlightenment. I had a really bad ski accident in 2008. I slid down the hill head-first, leaving my spine completely crooked. I spent two years of chiropractic treatments, which did little to ease my pain but once I start focusing on yoga, I was healed in one year.

Does yoga provide benefits other workouts do not?

The benefits that yoga have, which you won’t find in other workouts, is the mindfulness practice, which connect breathe and movements. One way yoga encourages transformation is by helping you to shift patterns you’ve developed over time —patterns that may be unhealthy. When you put your body into a pose that is foreign and you stick with it, you learn how to take a new shape. Taking this new shape with the body can lead you to learn how to take a new shape with the mind. Yoga poses break down the psychological, emotional, physical, energetic and psychic obstacles that inhibit us from thriving in life.

Ranee Reese. Courtesy photo

Why did you write this book?

I was inspired to write this book to share the practice that has been a huge part of my physical and emotional healing. I’m so amazed and inspired from all of the benefits I have been getting from yoga. Yoga saved my life and I believe we can all use some healing from yoga practices.

What do you hope people will get out of your book?

I hope that my book will help inspire everyone who is looking to transform their lives as they continue along the journey to physical and emotional well-being. This is a great book for anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.

How does your book stand apart from other yoga books?

This book is a simple guide for a yoga practice that is based on harnessing healing power and applying it in the most targeted way possible. I break down, in details, what poses will help with different parts of your body. In this book, you will also find profound wisdom that will help increase your consciousness so you become aligned with your life purpose, and live a life that is filled with abundance.

Your book is written with women in mind. Will it benefit men too?

It will totally benefit men as well. I believe that everyone can really use the mindfulness practice with everything they do in their daily lives. Yoga has so much benefits on our mind, body and spirit, even men will find this book to be very useful. It is so important for all genders to take care of both their minds and bodies. I can guarantee that any men who reads my book will want to start doing yoga.

What would you to say to anyone who may be skeptical about yoga’s benefits or the idea that it is a religion?

In my book there is a “Tips for new yogis” and “Myths about yoga” for those who might be skeptical and I would encourage them to do a little research of what kind of class that they might like the most. There are different types of yoga and it is easy to get confused on which guru is best or what form is right for you but some of the most important mindset when practice yoga is patient. Also yoga is a practice and it never ends so practice yoga with an open-mind.

What’s next for you in your career?

I’m going to attend more and more speaking engagements to teach and share my journey to help inspire others, especially teenagers and women, to overcome their challenges in life. I’m teaching Acroyoga online and I will also be creating yoga retreats and festivals to help spread the yoga presence.

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