Photo via Pixabay
Photo via Pixabay

An 8-year-old rescue dog that went missing at the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in northern San Diego was back with her owner Wednesday after somehow managing to trek more than 35 miles to her Carlsbad home.

The Shar Pei mix named “Georgia” got separated from her owner, Kris Anderson, while chasing a rabbit off-leash through the 4,000-acre preserve on the afternoon of June 27. The park’s rules mandate that dogs must be kept on a maximum 8 foot leash at all times.

Anderson told multiple news outlets she continued searching each day despite park rangers’ warnings that Georgia had likely fallen victim to coyotes.

“I never thought I would see her again,” Anderson told CBS 8. “She is really special to me. I think it’s important for people not to give up.”

However, Georgia found her way home after being missing for nine days.

Anderson told the San Diego Union-Tribune she was asleep at her home in Carlsbad Monday morning when Georgia jumped onto her bed. She was emaciated and covered in scratches, but otherwise healthy.

“I heard my doggy door and the flip flop, flip flop sound and her chain and when I woke up, she jumped on my bed,” Anderson told CBS 8.

Georgia has spent the days since making the 37-mile trip home sleeping on the couch, eating and keeping a close eye on Anderson.

Anderson said she’ll now abide by leash rules after Georgia’s ordeal.

“I loved to let her off-leash because it’s her spirit and her light to run, but I’m taking a vow now that I won’t do that anymore,” she told the Union-Tribune.